Construction Management

Rendering the Plan: Construction Management

Organization is key to managing the complex maze of tasks and details inherent to each project. Through clear communications and strategically maximizing efficiencies and schedules, Lake Street drives the management, design and construction teams to successful completion of the building process. Our primary function is to balance the often-conflicting design, time and cost objectives to avoid project delays and cost overruns.

Expert Tactics

Pre-Construction Focus:

  • Programming and feasibility studies
  • Budgeting
  • Design management
  • Schedule development and analysis
  • Balancing cost and quality
  • Logistics planning and coordination

Construction Process:

  • Cost estimating
  • Contract administration
  • Change-order administration
  • Claims avoidance
  • Cost control
  • Schedule control
  • Total project budgeting
  • Project close-out

Clients also take preventative measures and use Lake Street audits to ensure that projects remain on track. When called upon to perform an independent project audit, our team will evaluate the “health” of a project by reviewing the team’s organization, project controls, contract documents, schedules and budgets. With these audits, we can identify potential conflicts or issues before they actually occur. Our audits are essential when projects start to fall behind.

  • Pacific Hacienda 94,500 sq ft garage and 89 unit condos & commercial offices
  • On Broadway 195,000 sq ft retail/cinema over 214,000 sq ft garage
  • The Nueva School 21,200 sq ft in Hillsborough, CA